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Workage, Sleepage, Coverage, Ovaryage, Tripage and CHOMP!
04.04.2005 @ 9:37 pm

Hmmm lets see.

Got a job. Can't tell you exactly where cuz it's with my state and there are laws and I'll prolly be talking about it generally in here. Let's just say I'm working with people and lawyers and paralegals and I talk to lots of convicted felons.

Oh so tired. Why? See above. Got a shit nights sleep last night. I swear I woke up every hour on the hour - and when I got home from watching The L Word at Anne Marie's I was soooo ready to pass out - but my brain decided to put on it's tiara and play Queen Bitch for the night.

Got benefits through the job off the bat. Mostly cuz I'm temping and it's through the agency, but also I have a huge chance at getting picked up full time by TheJob after my stint is over which means 100% STATE PAID BENEFITS, BITCA!!!

Someone must have sent an S.O.S. to my ovaries cuz they're screamin. Job? Check. Benefits? Check. Baby? Anyone care to volunteer their little soldiers for a one way trip to infiltrate my egg and make it sunny side up? Anyone? Anyone?

Deleware was fun, which is where i spent last weekend visiting Lauren's friends Josh and Alyson. What's also fun about that? Paying $2.97 for a pack of cigarettes!! Egads. So I bought a carton of course. Beats the $6.75 here in Jersey. Blech.

And since you've been so patient about waiting to see how my oral surgery turned out, behold:


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