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Quick like a bunny
03.15.2005 @ 11:39 am

Done with the x-rays. Scampered over to Dr. Larry, he made a few calls and everything's in motion. I get impressions done tomorrow at 10am, he sends them to the lab and within 3 or 4 days they come back. After that I call Dr. Charlie and his office has already told me that his schedule is pretty much clear so I can get fit in the very next morning. Gah. Fast no? Very. Dr. Larry says that in most cases, it takes about a month or month and a half for all of this to get done. I'm doing it in a week and a halff - give or take. He's a good guy though and the only dentist in the world I'd trust to do this sort of thing. Onward and upward I suppose and there's no waiting required. I'll keep y'all updated and whatnot. Right now I'm gonna either lay down or play some video games.


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