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Some Stuff
03.14.2005 @ 6:41 pm

Few things I guess. Lauren got to my house around 1am Sunday morning after leaving Joyce's. They talked, got drunk, talked some more. Then we talked Sunday afternoon. There's a lot of talking going on apparently. I have some things I need to clear up in my head as does Lauren. She and Joyce will continue to be friends and work on getting their friendship back on track. As for Lauren and I getting back on track, well that's gonna take time. So, we'll see what happens.

Check out the Flickr link at the top. It's a photolog page thingie and I've been updating sorta often. Mostly I've gone nutz with my new camera phone and I can email the pics directly to that page from where ever I am so it's neat.

I was doing something for my mother on her computer downstairs last night and found a link to my webpage which apparently she's been reading (hi mom!). Hey that's fine, it's her heart attack I suppose, but disturbingly the only comment she made about it was that it was very boring. Go me with the nonshockingness of the entries. Also, I'm lazy so - deal with it. Good thing she started reading now instead of before October when I had all 500+ entries up from the past 4 years. Way to dodge that bullet, dontcha think??

9:30 tomorrow morning is when I get into the thick of things with the surgeon, Dr. Charlie. He'll take x-rays, read them himself, then I'll bring them over to Dr. Larry. And so it begins.


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