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Happy New Year n stuff
01.04.2005 @ 9:33 am

Update suckage. Yeah I know, I know. Whatever. Happy new year and Merry Christmas. Not necessarily in that order of course.

1.) about a month ago Vinnie went fucking nutz, had an arguement with mom and I thought he was gonna go after her since he has before (and has gotten to her and knocked her on her ass) so I grabbed him on the front porch to stop him near the top step and he threw me down the stairs. And I hit my head on the van in the driveway. All of this in front of my nephew, who proceeded to ask me why his daddy hit me and why doesn't daddy like me? After I swept up my heart which had crumbed and turned to dust right there in the driveway, I proceeded to tell him to pay attention to the way adults fight and make sure he never acts that way. Cuz he's better than that - and more often than not - adults are stupid. Fun. Also, bruised ribs (which could have been broken, I'm not sure, but at any rate I'm fine now) and a killer head ache. Whatever.

2.) Christmas was uneventful. Got to Grandma's in Bloomfield arond 8ish cuz I had to pick up my brother Kenny in Piscataway. Mom came with. Shocker since she hasn't been since daddy died. Nice to see some people I guess but most just went to spend time with my punkin.

3.) The official family news is that 3 of my cousins are pregnant. Val is due in May, Michele in June and her sister Dawn (who's not married (and I always thought was gay) and I didn't know was in a relationship) is due in July. Which officially makes me the only (female) cousin (there are 24 of us - 14 of which are female) left who has not popped out a child/spawn of my very own. Wonderfuckingful. My ovaries are not pleased.

4.) This was mine and Lauren's first Christmas together. Which we spend over 2 1/2 hours of on Christmas Day (tecnically night since she got to my house around 11pm) talking about the fact that her best friend at noon on christmas day not only proclaimed her undying love for her but proceeded to propose to her on bended knee in front of her (fucking) family. So yeah. After getting past the fact that not only did her best friend invite me into her home, but also I got to know the family and really enjoyed hanging out with them - lets just say I'm (still) pretty pissed. Shake my had, hug me, tell me I'm welcomed to your home anytime - then when I turn my back you try to steal my girlfriend whom you encouraged to get together with me?? Fuck that noise. Cuz that's just all about deja vu and 2 years ago with Anne Marie (gf, now x) and Katie (the best friend) only in verson 1.0 I get completely fucked over and cheated on and lied to and left feeling much like a jackass for trusting either one of them in the first place. In version 2.0, (now with 90% more truth in every bite!!!) not only do I not feel like a jackass for trusting my gf, I also don't get cheated on or lied to. Mostly I get the girl and the (x)bestfriend gets squat. Mostly because she brought it upon herself Karma - to thine own self be true!

5.) Not working sucks. Having no money sucks on so many twisty turny levels that it makes my head spin and this interview crap really annoys me. Would it kill someone to pick up the fucking phone and tell me I didn't get the job so I don't have to pace around like an expectant father in a waiting room? Which kicks in the visual of the telephone reciever giving birth to a job offer. Then after that I think about the fact that I'm the only cousin left to not have a kid. And I really, really want one. Now.

6.) Lauren and I are going to Rhode Island next weekend. I'm meeting her sisters and her parents. All at once at the same time. Lindsey called her and asked her to go for christmas, but she had plans with the (x)bestfriend for christmas day for over a month. So she told Lindsey that she's come up after New Years and so - here we go. Should be interesting. If anything, I'll get to say I've been to Rhode Island.

7.) It's raining outside, my knees are killing me and I'm gonna go lay down now. Maybe I'll update more often. New years resolution type thing.


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