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Girls Like Me
01.07.2005 @ 12:03 pm

"Girls like me aren't hard to find. We grow like roses on the Vine, and wear our hearts on our sleeves. You probably know a girl like me. We live alone and in our heads. We eat standing up or in our beds. Guilt and fear merge easily in the quiet souls of girls like me. We take to bed perchance to dream in the blue light of the TV screen. Girls like me like summer light and cold beer on a summer night. And women aren't afraid of what they see inside the eyes of a girl like me. And hopefulness is like a drug. It makes a girl believe in love. And if somehow, you love us back, we think there's something wrong with that. Girls like me aren't hard to trust. Your deepest secret's safe with us, and when it's time, we set you free. You can always count on girls like me. It's good to know a girl like me."


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