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Captain Oblivious vs. Captain Not So Obvious
10.30.2004 @ 12:30 pm

My girlfriend is daft. Alow me to explain. Last weekend in New Hope I bought a ring. Not just any ring, an ADD persons dream ring. Not only does it sit on your finger, but there's a metal band in the middle that you can twirl. Hours and hours of fun I tell you! So, Lauren had mentioned that she wanted new rings, she figured it was about time to retire the two she's been wearing because though nice, they're a part of her past. There were two, count them, TWO of these wonderful ADD rings in the case.

They both fit us.

I hinted around for like 10 minutes for her to get the other one but - she ignored me!!! But this was last Saturday and after The Conversation so, even though she's forgiven for ignoring my hints, she's still crowned with the name Captain Oblivious - for reasons other than the ring cuz apparently she didn't realize I was trying to get her to ask me out last Saturday - she thought I was trying to make it clear that I didn't want a relationship. Sheesh, she can be such a guy sometimes. Anyway, after about 8 1/2 harrowing minutes of thinking the ring was gone - I found it! She bought it! She's wearing it! yay.

Also, Anne Marie was with us, so of course we had to goto the candy store. I bought my mom some old fashioned candy, bought Anne Marie some squirty lollypop gooey candy then we went off to dinner at Wildflowers. Oh yum!! That's my most favoritest place ever now to eat in New Hope. They have not only american food but itialian, thai and vegitarian versions of each!!

So that was my Saturday. We dropped Anne Marie off at home, came back to my house and sat at the kitchen table with mom and drank a pot of coffee. Which is nice. And new. Mom likes Lauren. Which, if you know my mom at all - she never ever likes anyone I bring home ever. Ever, ever, ever. She always finds things wrong with them. She hasn't found anything wrong with Lauren. Wooo. Yay for me. Points with the mom, I'm happy. Lauren and I agreed that we have to bring my mom to Wildflowers for dinner soon. I think she'd really like it.


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